Neoma Sivota


The Pool

Start your day at the luxury pool that fades to green and blue colors of nature’s pallete. 

Relax and enjoy the details of the tranquile environment supplemented by stone and wooden architectural elements!

This is the TRUE ESSENSCE of Neoma! 



 Enjoy a drink or refreshment while gazing at endless blue. You can stay relaxed by knowing that Neoma is close to everything you need for dream holidays.

Neoma is only 4 minutes walk from the closest beach of Gallikos Molos.

  • 300m from Gallikos Molos beach
  • 550m from Zeri beach
  • 400m from Sivota harbour


Neoma is a hidden gem in Sivota and a great place to recharge your batteries! 

Sunset - night at Neoma

And when the sun sets, Neoma starts to linger at a peaceful and quiet place of Sivota.

At the same time you can enjoy the cosmopolitan  night time lifestyle of Sivota, as Neoma is only 5 minutes walk from Sivota harbour.

We are looking forward to meeting you!


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